Most of our clients know us for decades of carpeting experience, but over the years we’ve gradually expanded our services to include anything that goes on a floor, wall, and even the ceiling. No matter where it ends up, we ensure it’s both durable and beautiful.



Carpet Tile, Broadloom

Our roots started with carpets so it’s safe to say our team is the best you can get when working with carpeting of any type.


Resilient Flooring

LVT, VCT, Sheet Vinyl, Rubber

Need a floor that works well but isn’t too hard or too soft? Resilient flooring like LVT, vinyl, and rubber provides a great in-between option.



Engineered, Solid,
Sand, Stain & Finish

Natural or engineered hardwood flooring is an all-time favorite. From design to final installation, we ensure a great final wood flooring product.



Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone

Our focus is on flooring but that doesn’t mean we don’t work on vertical surfaces. We handle tile in all forms – from stone to ceramic.


“Slim Slab” Porcelain Panel Installations

Also known as Extra Large Format, “Slim Slab” is a relatively new option in flooring and walls. We have experience with the design, cutting, and installation of Slim Slab for any surface.


Moisture Mitigation

Most people don’t think much about moisture in floors but it’s something we consider in every job. We have a deep knowledge of various moisture mitigation options and ensure every floor is built to withstand water in any form over time.


Subfloor Leveling

No one wants a floor that is slightly sloped or anything other than perfectly horizontal. From grinding to poured leveler, we have the techniques and expertise to ensure your final product is absolutely level. 


Polished Concrete

True Polished
& Toppings

Want a floor that is the ultimate level of durability and beauty? Polished concrete is a great choice. Our experience with concrete finishing (including various toppings) is hard to beat.


Epoxy Floors

Epoxy has grown in popularity in recent years and for good reason – Epoxy resin is both beautiful and durable with unlimited color possibilities. 


Acoustical Ceilings

We specialize in flooring but our experience with floors helped us with some things above your head as well: Drop ceilings. These staples of modern commercial construction are part of our full menu of capabilities.   


Access Flooring

Also known as Raised Flooring or Raised Access Flooring, provides an elevated structural floor above a solid base (often concrete) to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.

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Nationwide Installations via Starnet

Our membership in Starnet Worldwide allows us to provide a gateway to top-quality flooring services from coast-to-coast. 

Service Area

Virginia & Washington D.C.

We're proudly based in Richmond, Virginia, but we service the entire state and beyond. If you need work done in Washington D.C. or even North Carolina, we can get it done.

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